First Block!

We made our first block Hooray!!

For every stake pool operator it’s a happy and maybe a bit of a nerve wrecking event, creating the first block . Until you see that it worked there is always this little bit of doubt, is everything setup correctly. Even though I prepared well and the RV64 testnet node minted over a 1000 blocks, arround slot 37556 (epoch 298) I found my self staring at the screen waiting for the leader metric to jump from 0 to 1.

Before putting new release on mainnet it must have run for a few days on testnet an epoch if there is time. The RV64 testnet configuration has one relay and a producer node that run on the build server, this works just fine even while building the GHC compiler or the cardano-node. Builds can be started with nice to run at a lower priority.

I’d like to thank our early delegators for their patience and support, and do join our delegators in their support for Cardano on RISC-V by delegating to RV64.

Photo by Lovely2912 form PxHere

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